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We started our Living a Dream website ( before venturing out to do our year long trip around the world. It was truly the most incredible experience of our lives and now that we are back home our passion to travel and share our travels is stronger than ever before.

This website will continue to be our portal to our family and friends back home, colleagues and acquaintances, new friends and fellow travellers and anyone else that chooses to follow our travels and adventures. Explore the links below - even though we are now home, we love to hear from our readers!

Since returning I (Carl) have branched out on my own running my own Travel Business as a Personal Travel Consultant putting all this great travel experience to good use. I'd love to help you with planning any of your upcoming vacations. You can reach me through my site at or

We hope you enjoy our site and feel free to share it with any other travel addicts like us -

Eric and Carl
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   Jul 10/05  The Original Home Page 
 1  Jul 11/05  Our Itinerary 
   Jul 14/05  Selling the Cars and Renting the House! 
   Aug 6/05  Contacting Us While We Are Gone 
   Aug 20/05  Going Away Bash 
 2  Sep 9/05  Preparing to Go 
   Sep 13/05  Themed Photos 
 3  Sep 13/05  *** 423 *** Pictures - Segment 1 Europe 
 4  Sep 13/05  Amsterdam 
   Sep 16/05  It's a Small World Pictures 
 5  Sep 16/05  Paris 
 6  Sep 19/05  Venice 
   Sep 19/05  Additional Travel Information 
 7  Sep 20/05  Twenty-four Hours in Naples 
 8  Sep 22/05  Pompeii 
 9  Sep 23/05  Positano - Amalfi Coast, Italy 
 10  Sep 26/05  Rome 
 11  Sep 29/05  Florence and Lucca 
 12  Oct 5/05  Cinque Terre, Italy 
 13  Oct 8/05  Barcelona with lots of friends 
 14  Oct 12/05  Prague 
 15  Oct 15/05  Vienna 
 16  Oct 17/05  Budapest Hungary - the end of our European Travels 

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