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Sep 13, 2005 - Themed Photos
Themed Photos

Throughout the next year we have come up with some themed photo galleries to share our trip with you. Below you will find a list of themes we have set up. Too see the pictures in each theme click on the title with our other journal entries and check back often to these themes as we hope to update them on a regular basis.

1. 423

This idea we have stolen from another couple of world travellers who actually helped inspire our trip. Everyday (hopefully) at 4:23 in the afternoon we are going to snap a candid shot of where we are and what we are doing. Each time we update the website we hope to update our 423 pictures and hope you enjoy them!

2. Signs Not Seen at Home

Have you ever been travelling and come across signs that you think are hilarious or totally out of the ordinary from what we would see at home in Canada? We don't know how many of these we will find...but thought it could be fun to have a file full of them.

3. Dreamscapes

Since we are in the process of living our dream trip we thought this category would be a great way to share some of our favourite dream photos. This category is going to be the best of the best from each destination we visit.

4. It's a Small World

We love to meet up with our friends and family on this trip and have quite a few meetings planning (especially in Europe). This gallery is going to house pictures of any of our friends and family we meet along the way!

We may add additional themes to our site as we continue and hope you enjoy them!


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