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Jul 10, 2005 - The Original Home Page
Below is a copy of the text from what was our original homepage at the beginning of our year long adventure around the world.


Can you imagine taking 26 years worth of vacation in one year? When we think of our one year adventure around the world in those terms it seems so incredibly amazing. Then again, any possible way we think about our trip we find it is incredible and do think we are two of luckiest guys on earth to be able to live this dream!

This website will be our portal to our family and friends back home, colleagues and acquaintances, new friends and fellow travellers and anyone else that chooses to follow our travels and adventures.

Departing on September 09 we will be gone for a full 365 days and plan to explore about 30 countries! We have an ambitious itinerary - especially in our first few months and hopefully we can share some of our highlights and experiences here at

Please leave us a message here (top right corner) with your email address to be added to our database and we will let you know everytime we update our site with new articles and/or photos.

Enjoy and please keep in touch with us while we are gone.

Eric and Carl

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