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Oct 20, 2005 - Tel Aviv Israel
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Eric on our balcony with a view of Tel Aviv Part of the huge Tel Aviv beach Whirlpool tub in our room - great to double as a washing machine! 
We have left Europe and what we call Segment 1 of our Dream Journey. Hard to believe that it is over already. We had so much fun travelling with so many family and friends and seeing so much history, culture and different landscapes. We have now moved on to Segment 2 - the Middle East - Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Dubai and the Seychelles (even though they are not the middle East we are popping them into this category for convenience).

Here in Israel and Jordan Eric's brother Stephen has joined us bringing along his great sense of humour for about 10 days before he has to head back home to Montreal.

Since Israel is such a great country filled with so much history and so many things to do we are splitting these entries up into sections. The first is here with our 3 days in Tel Aviv and visits with Eric and Stephen's sister in-law's best friend Kira and her family who were kind enough to show us around some of Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas that we would never have had the chance to see otherwise. Thank you so much!!


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is the fastest growing city in Israel with the most secular citizens that have a lust for life reflected in the city, beach, nightlife, laughter and smiles you see on the streets. A young city, Tel Aviv is less than a century old and growing rapidly with its modern outlook, opposite to the strongly religious and historic capital of Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is a great travel destination within Israel that has incredible potential for future tourism with a stunning beach stretching along the Mediterranean right within the heart of the city.

The city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the large amounts of Bauhaus architecture or international style which is the roots of modern architecture. Personally, I did not see the city as a pretty city but loved the pulse and feel of streets such as Sheinkin Street, life along the beachside boardwalk, the historic port area of Jaffa and the smiles and lust for life the citizens of the city seem to share.

If you are planning a trip to Israel be sure to include a few days in Tel Aviv so you can get a feel for what the more modern, secular and growing city within Israel has to offer.


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