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Aug 20, 2005 - Going Away Bash
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When is everyone arriving? Am I going to be partying alone?!? :( Here I am Eric....your first guest!! Carl and Ally - Just like old times at Sandals in Jamaica! 
Good friends, good times and a great party! We are that one step closer now to taking off on our adventure as we said our good-byes and celebrated with so many friends at our last big bash! Thanks to everyone for coming out and joining us. We really had a lot of fun and hope you did too. It was so nice to have all of our friends and some family meet each other and bring our 2 worlds together.

A special mention to Barb and MaryJo for their creativity and efforts in helping us celebrate all the special occassions we are going to miss over the next year - what a funidea!!

Also, a big thank you to those of you that helped contribute to what seemed like(and several days later still is)an endless supply of food, helped in the kitchen and cleaning up - especially to my Aunt Shirley who volunteered for the 'slave labour' and helped out my Mom immencely. To my parents who graciously volunteered their I may have volunteered it for them...but they were great sports about it, and a tremdendous help as always! They even cleaned the mess up before us somewhat hungover soles got over there in time to help Sunday morning!!

Ita and Lionel - so happy you were able to make it and thanks for driving in all the way from Montreal and bringing everyone a true taste of Montreal from Schwartz's.

Departure day seems so much closer now that our going away party is over. We look forward to keeping in touch with everyone through our site here. Drop us a line here or email us often and if we missed you at the party we hope to see you before we go!!

Cheers Carl...and still speaking on behalf of Eric too.


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