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Aug 6, 2005 - Contacting Us While We Are Gone
I have been playing around with our new computer, websites and email addresses and finally have our email contact information all figured out! To reach us by email while we are gone you can either:

1. Leave us a Message Here at

Click the 'Leave a Message' button from our home page and we will get a message here on our website from you that we can then choose to upload into our Guest Book for all our visitors to view. This is a great option for short fun messages.

2. Email Us

I have confirmed our new email accounts we will be using while we are on the road. They are actually linked to our Hotmail accounts but easier to remember. These are best for longer messages, pictures etc.

To reach us by email:

Eric -

Carl -

We are not too sure how often we will be online but promise to do our best to keep in touch via this site and replying to everyone's emails.

And yes, once we get going I am sure I will get Eric on here making some entries too so it is not all just Carl you are hearing from!!



PS - I rented my house the other day...making the trip feel all that much closer and much more exciting - one more big thing off of our 'To Do' list!

PSS - Remember if you would like to receive an email telling you when we update this website please email us or leave us a message here requesting to be added to our database list. You will then get an email from us that you must click the link to approve being added to our database.

All for now!


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