What is your sign? What kind of travel do you enjoy?
As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are natural born leaders. You're assertive, impulsive, courageous and thrive on new challenges. Of all the signs, you're the most likely to take a flying, fearless leap off a cliff in Brazil and tandem hang glide over Rio de Janeiro. Others won't be able to resist your charisma and charm as you also succeed in roping reluctant, nervous troops who would otherwise be too paralyzed by fear to join you. This kind of trip also nourishes the Aries' insatiable need for adventure and stepping out beyond the comfort zone.
Bulls are known for their love and appreciation of beauty. You have a sophisticated esthetic and an innate need to be surrounded by artful, visually pleasing things. To satisfy your appetite for finery, consider booking yourself into the Jumeirah Burj Al Arab in Dubai, a seven-star hotel built on an artificial island that juts out from the beach and has consistently been voted the most luxurious hotel in the world. Designed to resemble a billowing sail, the Burj Al Arab stands 321 m tall and suites are designed using only the finest silks, the most exquisite textiles and the most sumptuous furnishings. There's even a "pillow menu" giving guests a range of 13 pillows and quilts to choose from. And your bathroom toiletries? Courtesy of Hermes. And the site is quick to point out they're full bottles. 'Nuf said.
Geminis are a fountain of information and have been described as bright, intellectual and articulate. You're a great communicator and do well at cocktail parties thanks to your quick wit and sparkling conversation. You also possess a probing curiosity and are always open to new ideas. Consider a visit to London, England, which was recently described as the museum capital of the world by The Art Newspaper. London has seven of the top 40 most-visited museums compared to its closest rivals, Paris and Madrid. There, Geminis can fill themselves up with reams of historic and contemporary information that can be used to chat up fellow guests at their next soiree.
Home is where the Cancer's heart is. Cancers are maternal, domestic, nurturing and value a family-filled hearth above all else. Many people born under this sign have big families and love the boisterous sounds produced around a large dinner table. A cottage getaway is your idea of a perfect family holiday. After all, the more people and children at a cottage vacation, the merrier. Cottages are likewise, not a far stretch from your own home except things are simpler here: good, country cookery, no frills décor and quiet time with the family. It's just another way of building a family tradition, your idea of perfect bliss.
Like their sign, Leos are lions and lionesses who live for the limelight. You love drama and crave attention. Many of you populate the show biz industry as you tend to be highly talented and are unable to resist the glitz and glamour. Las Vegas provides just the right kind of diversions for magnetic Leos. It's where ordinary life is suspended for an alternate reality - where Elvis never dies, the lights never dim, and you could either become a prince or a pauper overnight. The city was built on the pleasure principle, which aligns nicely with Leos who want the best of everything.
What some call a studious attention to detail, others call being critical and fussy. Virgos, represented by the Virgin, are associated with qualities like modesty, purity, perfection and a measure of conservativeness. You're analytical and methodical and you're also known for being the most health conscious of the zodiac signs. It's said that many Virgos end up in the health care profession. To get the heart pumping and optimize your body's performance, consider a fitness vacation. Coastal Trek Resort in Comox Valley, B.C., is a luxury health, spa and fitness resort that offers personalized wellness programs that includes hiking, yoga classes, ocean kayaking, massages and healthy cooking classes.
Libras are represented by the only inanimate symbol in the zodiac with the scale, and as such stand for harmony, fairness, equality and balance. You hate conflict and are the most civilized and diplomatic of signs. You also delight in decadence and sometimes frivolous pleasures. A retail trip to a shopping Mecca like New York City is sure to tip the balance in your favour and perhaps make you lose a little of your characteristic composure when you see red sale signs everywhere. Just exercise a little restraint as your sign is also known for sometimes being reckless and squandering wealth.
Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios are the most passionate, intense and sexiest of the bunch. You're sensual and often described as being enigmatic and inscrutable. To feed the fires that inflame you, book a romantic, exotic getaway to a heady destination like Fiji. It's the perfect backdrop for a Scorpio, as the island offers secluded, private hideaways for couples and is often cited as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Perfect for randy, lusty Scorpios who enjoy getting' jiggy with it.
Who is the Sagittarius? As the most spiritual and philosophical of the zodiac crew, you're keenly interested in matters of religion and the meaning of life and are always seeking out higher wisdom. As such, why not pull an Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the wildly popular Eat Pray Love franchise and go abroad to meditate. A trip to India, for instance, would also satisfy your need to explore beyond your comfort zone and outside your boundaries. Consistently named one of the top meditation retreats by Conde Nast Traveller, for instance, Ananda in the Himalayas helps guests restore "balance" and "harmonizing energy" through yoga, aromatherapy, spa services and Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine.
Goats are the most hardworking, ambitious of the bunch. If a job needs to get done, you're the one to finish it. You are undaunted by long hours or paying your dues and will toil and sweat to reach your goal. It's no coincidence that your animal mascot lives in the mountains and must often climb to higher elevations to search for food. For the goal-oriented goat, consider booking a mountain climbing adventure where you have to summit a peak. For the novice mountaineer, Mt. Kilimanjaro is a good start as it doesn't require any equipment or extensive pre-training. But knowing how overly ambitious goats can be, you could also use Kilimanjaro as a training climb for the bigger peaks later on.
Those born under this sign are the visionaries, revolutionaries and idealists. Aquarians are described as unique, eccentric, inventive, and highly intelligent. You're also known for your philanthropy and your humanity and your quest to make the world a better place. Which is why you may enjoy a volunteering vacation in a developing country. You can put your skills and assets to good use building a school in Africa, teaching children or working on environmental conservation projects in South America. Projects like these would fill your need to better the human condition but also fulfill your thirst for adventure and freedom.
As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces are often described as complex creatures who are highly intuitive, sensitive and spiritual. You're guided by feeling which helps you empathize with others. You're also a dreamer, and often have your head in the clouds. Exotic, faraway destinations are sure to excite the Pisces' wanderlust - many people born under this sign become sailors or world travellers. You also have an unusual need for seclusion and solitude. Consider a trip to Tahiti, also known as French Polynesia, which lies in the South Pacific Ocean. You'll leave the banalities of home in this tropical utopia, and be free to laze around all day in a dream-like state.