Countries I Have Visited
  1. Canada (born and raised here; worked in several provinces and territories; visited every province and territory) 
  2. United States (vacation)
  3. Mexico (vacation)
  4. Cuba (vacation three times and familiarization trip once)
  5. Ireland (vacation)
  6. Italy (lived for a month)
  7. Greece (vacation)
  8. Korea (taught English for one year)
  9. Philipines (vacation)
  10. Saipan (vacation)
  11. Luxembourg (lived for one year)
  12. Germany (vacation)
  13. Holland (vacation)
  14. France (vacation)
  15. Belgium (vacation)
  16. Iceland (vacation)
  17. China (adopted a child and toured for three weeks)
  18. Jamaica (familiarization trip)
  19. Dominican Republic (travel conference)