China (Luxury Vegetarian Tours ... and possibly Vegan)

China Luxury Travel Network is a by-invitation-only alliance of luxury travel providers, and is the very first of its kind. CLTN's members include premium hotels and resorts, travel operators, special event venues, activity planners and transportation suppliers.

By unifying the very best in hospitality and destination management services, CLTN provides individuals and groups with a one-stop-shop for luxury travel services in China.

CLTN has 100+ well designed itineraries and 200+ boutique hotels in China. They also provide tailor-made packages and can definitely arrange vegetarian meals for my clients.  For vegans, CLTN would need to know in advance to do the necessary research and double-checking of such restaurants.  Itís definitely not a problem for CLTN to thoroughly look into every place visited on tour.

CLTN's vacations can be fully tailored and thus it is possible for groups or just two travelers to go on a tour.  

Heal Yourself With Traditional Chinese Medicine/Lend A Hand - Volunteer In China/The Hot Springs of Hainan are just a few of the multitude of remarkable tours available.  See flyers under E-Flyers on left.

Please contact me and I will be happy to communicate with you about this most amazing product!


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