The Green Triangle

VegVoyages 8 or 12 day India adventure - where the classic golden triangle becomes the green triangle!
On this enchanting journey, we’ll not only see all the “must see” sights but also sights not normally seen by the average traveler.  Along with these sights come experiences.  Experiences where you will have the opportunity to get closer to the country and its people as locals show us their villages, invite us into their homes and teach us about their culture and way of life.


Culture, tradition, music, dance, customs, religion, history and great vegetarian food all come together on this exciting 8-day adventure.  So come discover fascinating sights, enjoy mesmerizing sounds and indulge in plenty of incredibly mouthwatering tastes on our VegVoyages The Green Triangle adventure!


12 Day India - US$1,495

- Sept 27 to Oct 8, 2011

- Nov 29 to Dec 10, 2011

- Dec 22, 2011 to Jan 2, 2012


8 Day India - US$995

- Oct 9 to 16, 2011

- Dec 11 to 18, 2011

This tour can be booked from any Canadian or international gateway.
If interested, please contact me: 779-5794.

 Two Indian Women in Traditional Sari Dress in front of Taj Mahal