Influenced over the centuries by the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Indonesians (from Javanese to Bugis), Thais and the colonial empires of Britain, the Netherlands and Portugal, Malaysia has a rich and diverse heritage.  Some say that if you visit Malaysia you have visited Asia, and in a sense - this is true.  What you’ll experience in Malaysia would take traveling to many other Asian countries, but here, the various cultures and religions mix together within the common thread of being “Malaysian”.  Malaysia is also home to some of the tastiest vegan food in the world!  Rich and spicy dishes influenced by Malay, Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisines make Malaysia a veritable culinary “melting pot”.


Join Veg Voyages on Rainforests, Reefs, Cultures & Cuisines! – a journey into the heart of Peninsular Malaysia - where the wilds of the rainforests, the peace, and beauty of Southeast Asia’s tropical islands, the crossroads of some of Asia’s finest cultures and the rough and often rogue colonial history of the Far East comes to life!  Your adventure in Malaysia will include delicious local vegan delicacies, yoga lessons, jungle trekking, village home stays, vegan cooking classes, snorkeling, swimming, boat journeys, local folk music and dance and much more!  Selamat Melancong (Happy Traveling)!

Though all are welcome, the meals the group will be enjoying will all be vegan.


16 days (July 7 -  July 22, 2012) $1,895 USD + airfare & taxes



GROUP SIZE:   12 people (maximum)

START IN:        Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

END IN:            Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


This tour can be booked from any Canadian or international gateway.
If interested, please contact me: 779-5794.