It's Been a Journey...
Viva a la Mexico!After spending a few years on the road in the late 90's and early 2000's, I decided to return to my hometown to invest my energy into my community.  I have owned several businesses over the years and I have invested a lot of time as a volunteer.  I am currently the Vice President of Bridgewater Baseball, the Chairperson of the Brandon Russell Legacy Association, past Chairman of the Bridgewater and Area Canada Day Committee, Head of On Ice Public Relations for both the Jr. A Bridgewater Lumberjacks and the Jr. C Chester Clippers.  I have been a volunteer baseball coach for the past 23 years and a volunteer basketball coach for the past 10 years.  I have certainly done my best to make an imprint and be a positive influence on the youth of our community!
I am married to my wife Glenda for the past 19 years and have 2 wonderful children, Dannielle age 22, and Michael age 18.  My family is the "home team" that makes it all worth while.
We are excited to also launch our very own travel club exclusive to Canadian travelers! You can go to for more information! The club officially launches Oct.1st, 2010! The club just takes Canadians who travel to a whole new experience in travel! I have so many plans on how to be proactive within our community both locally and online. We will strive to provide the very best products in the industry, a high level of customer service along with always keeping our focus on making your travel experiences life long memories!